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If you are coming from Austria go to Dobbiaco "Toblach" take the direction to Misurina and go to Passo Tre Croci 1805m. (road for cortina d'Ampezzo) the trail to the Refuge Vandelli is n° 213 n° 216 and n. 215, approximately 3 hours.
For return we recommend another trail n° 215, approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, (to be used as a possible alternative route for the return to Passo Tre Croci Federavecchia)
If you come from Auronzo after km.20 arrive at Hotel Cristallo 1368m. just in front there is the trail n° 217 estimated time 3 hours.

To request information during the opening of the refuge the phone is n. +39 0435 39015 or Whatsapp al n. 379 1850835  e-mail only when the refuge is closed.

Tha borders are, the Torrente Boite from San Vito di Cadore Cortina d 'Ampezzo - Val Bigontina, from Cortina d' Ampezzo in Passo Tre Croci - Valbona, Valle d 'Ansiei - Val di San Vito - Forcella Grande - Rusecco.
Walking is fantastic, thanks to partially equipped trails that allow the full tour of the group, and draw for their beauty and scenic interest for the tourists from all over the world. These routes require experience and skill, but have fought and well marked. Walking is the most demanding satisfaction with some nice climbs, the Punta Nera, the Ridge and the top of Valbona.
From the North leave circle glacial waters that feed the beautiful lakes of Sorapiss, dug into the rock and free of surface emissaries, whose waters reach via the vast underground threshold rocky shelf of ice, leaving the high ringing cascade 'the Piss" by cascade that is derived the name of the mountain "Sora and Piss" Sorapiss.
Go into the mountains with prudence and well equipped. Always inquire before embarking on any path although the appearance may seem easy. The information you find on this page are indicative, so look for more sources and then compare the information acquired.
Enjoy the walk.
The Refuge is located at the center of the circus northern Sorapiss, almost to the edge of the base surface and where the waterfall plunges. A few minutes from the Refuge, separated by a short hill, there is the wonderful lake of turquoise color. The Refuge was originally situated near the lake, built in 1821 by PFALZGAU section of the Deutschen und Österreichischen ALPENVEREINES, destroyed by an avalanche in 1895, reconstruction the following year was again buried by snow. After the first Great World War, the section of VENICE CAI (Italin Alpine Club) promoted a new building with a member of foundation Cesare Luigi Luzzatti. But a fire destroyed it on 1959. The final reconstruction, named after the President of the CAI of Venice, Alfonso Vandelli, was inaugurated on 18 September 1966.
The Refuge is small but cozy, the beds are arranged in six bedrooms and eight seats. There is the possibility to make a hot shower (at a cost of 5,00 euro), cooking simple unpretentious, genuine and is directly supervised by managers.

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